Opencart login problem

I have just installed the Opencart, but I can't login to the back office even I use the original user name and password as default at the beginning of installing the Opencart. How to solve the problem?


  • Post domain name!

  • Use the Forgotten Password feature.

    That should get you in?

  • If I use the forgotten password, I need an email address. Do I use the already assigned email address in the Opencart installation or the one of the registration of the web hosting services? If it is the case of the one of the registration of the web hosting services, I tried and I can't receive any emails even in junk mail.

  • When you installed opencart the install script should have asked you for an email address.

    This sounds like a free hosting limitation. Email is tricky! You will need to create an email address: [email protected]

    Because it is only used to configure email "[email protected]" would probably be best system phpmailer to work. Then configure it to send and receive. It will take a bit to propagate. It will only work in Web-mail.

    Create Email Account:
    Send and receive email:

    Free hosting is not the best for a live site. It will work if you take the time to get around the limitations.


  • How to create an new email account? I don't know how to create from nothing to one can receive and send email account of [email protected] Do I need to register in roundcubemail?

  • I used my assigned username (from the beginning of registration), and the password used to sign in to my webhosting website, but it said:
    We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1

    How do I create an email with cpanel?

  • I figure out the password, but how to create email with cpanel? Can you tell me the steps?

  • Create Email account -> log in -> Create email account in Email Account options.

  • It can't work. I saw the message that if I want to receive email, I need to make the mx records. Then I have the following:

    Remove MX Records Domain MX Record Priority 0 10

    I don't know if I make it right. But it still can't work. It said no match for user name and password.

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