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1) Post the domain name or free sub domain of the account requesting support
2) Read support option:
3)The service is a self service hosting, cpanel ticket system, and community help forum.

Let's Encrypt://


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    To find or change your cpanel password

    login here:
    Manage site -> whatever yours is
    ftp -> disable hide -> ftp password
    password -> disable hide -> cpanel password

    This will change password of your hosting account, FTP account and MySQL account associated with this account.

  • Filezilla Site Manager config

    unaux users replace ezyro with unaux

    Default Config
    Host: Port: 21
    Protocol: FTP
    Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if Available
    Login Type: Normal
    User Name: PFH account user (ezyro_********)
    Password: cpanel password

    Fail Safe Config
    Host: Port: 21
    Protocol: FTP
    Encryption: Only use plain FTP (insecure)
    Login Type: Normal
    User Name: PFH account user (ezyro_********)
    Password: cpanel password

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    To delete your domain -> Domains -> Addon Domains -> Delete domain.

    If you have a domain on the ifastnet free network, and want to use it on profreehost go to you hosting providers panel and delete the domain as above. Then you will be able to add on to your profreehost account.

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    Let's Encrypt Certificate via Freenom and SSLForFree

    This is required every 90 days

    You can use intodns to verify dns records as you proceed.

    Use freenom name servers. Add "A" records "for your domain" and "www" in freenom dns manager.

    use the profreehost domain IP address for both records and a TTL of 300, wait for TTL to propagate.

    Go to sslforfree

    Manual Verification (dns)

    2 txt records will be provided

    add txt records to freenom dns manager with TTL of 300, wait a few minutes.

    Go to sslforfree and verify the 2 txt records. TTL will fail, both records are found.

    proceed with "Download SSL Certificate".

    After you have certificates, update name servers to ezyro at freenom. wait for TTL to propagate"

    After propagation upload certificates at

  • The procedure to close/delete PFH hosting account

    From the control panel
    Backup and retrieve your website data/files/emails/database.

    if necessary and in this order.
    Delete all files/emails/database tables.
    Delete all ftp/email/MySQL accounts.
    Delete any sub domain you created from your addon TLD domains.
    Delete any addon TLD Domains you may have.

    It is also possible to delete any free sub domains you created for use on a new PFH hosting account.

    Last go to client area and close/cancel the hosting account.

    The procedure to close/delete PFH client account

    There is no need or procedure to close the PFH client account. If the client account has not been used, or has no activity for, I think 6 months, It will automatically go dormant. If no request to reactivate after a year it will be removed.

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