My Brand New Blog

I would like to invite you all to see my new blog.

Here at my blog, I am always striving to write what I mean and mean what I write. It's fun for all...

I'm also looking for someone who can help me with banners for my site. Intrested, please leave a message here on this post.


  • Hello,

    Your blog is very slow, maybe free hosting on MyOwnFreeHost/iFastNet isn't a great idea.

    Either upgrade to paid hosting, optimise your site, or move to another host.

    The easiest way to optimise your site is by removing useless plugins and using a less resource intensive / better coded theme.


  • Hello Sean
    You blog is very nice. I watch the short video, everything is working good. I'm is the US also. I was thinking about playing the legend-of-zelda. But my gaming days are behind me.

    Don't worry about Kieran he is from some third world country still on dial up. Has no Idea what he is talking about. He wishes he had a website half as good as yours.

    Keep on blogging Sean.

  • Your an idiot, I run over 12 diffrent websites, including WordPress blogs that load in well under a >second... My connection is 60Mbps.

    His sites clearly takes 4 times as long to load :

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