Reset Your Account To Start afresh

In most cases there is an option to reset/reload a hosting account in control panel, but ProFreeHost does not have such option.

Why you may ask!

Because, unfortunately, we are bound by law enforcement and regulatory authorities to retain the content of all accounts for a limited length of time before deleting them completely. However, you still can reset your account by following ways:

Resetting Account Manually

To reset your account manually just make sure you follow the steps listed down.

  1. Go to Manage Builders and delete all builders that you created for the account.
  2. Login to Control Panel of the account which you want to reset/reload.
  3. Delete everything from Addon Domains, Sub Domains and Parked Domains.
  4. Delete all emails and forwarders by going to Email Accounts and Forwarders.
  5. Delete all databases by going to MySQL Dtabases.
  6. Delete everything from htdocs directory of main account by going to File Manager. Do this for htdocs directory of every domain folder.

That's it.

Note: Domain directories will not be deleted, however this should not cause any issues. You can now set up everything from the beginning.

Start From 0:

The other simplest way to reset account is to create a new website account from your control panel.

Note: You still need to remove at-least Addon Domains, Sub Domains and Parked Domains from old account if you added them previosuly on another account and want to add them to new account.