What can I do if my account is suspended?

We know that it is really annoying when your account is suspended. All the functionality of your related account is disabled; you cannot login to Control Panel and Website builder or connect through FTP.

Why do we have to suspended accounts at all?

We provide free web hosting services to the public at large in most of the countries. We intend to keep it free of cost and consistent in the long term. For that reason, we have to keep our system secure, clean and maintained so that maximum resources are available to all accounts equally. Our system detects the malicious/bad/exceptionally high resource requiring accounts and suspends them.

Understand suspension and Get your account Back

There are different types of account suspensions. The possiblity of getting the account reactivated depends upon the type of suspension. Read the following content carefully to make the suspension process easy:

Suspended on Request / Closed Account

Your account will be deactivated if you use the Deactivate Account option in your client area or if your account has not received any users in the last 30 days.

It's quite simple to revive your account. Simply go to your client area, click Manage next to the deactivated account, and then click Reactivate.

It's worth noting that deactivated accounts are eventually erased.

Suspended for hitting daily limits

ProFreeHost puts restrictions on how much processing power, memory, visitors, and other resources an account can use in a day to prevent certain accounts from utilising large amounts of server power and hindering (or even taking down) other websites. If you exceed one of these limits, your account will be suspended for 24 hours automatically.

Kindly check your account in the client area to see which exact limit you triggered, what that limitation represents, and what you can do to minimize your usage.

Your account will be automatically reactivated after 24 hours. Please do not request that your account be reactivated sooner, as no one can provide this service.

Suspended for suspicious/abusive activities

To prevent our servers from being exploited for unlawful purposes or being overcrowded, ProFreeHost employs a variety of techniques to detect and eliminate potential abuse. Abuse is detected using both manual and automatic approaches.

If you believe your account is safe, you can submit a request to have you account checked by staff. If your account is safe, it will be reactivated.

Follow the steps below to get your account reviewed:

  1. Go to your client area.
  2. From the list, select Suspended Account.
  3. Select Submit Support Ticket from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Submit Ticket after selecting your domain and entering your message.

After submitting your request, staff will review your account (typically within a few hours).

If multiple accounts were suspended, please submit support tickets for every account you would like to reactivate.

After 30 days, suspended accounts are automatically erased. Law enforcement requires ProFreeHost to hold suspended accounts for a period of time. Accounts will never be deactivated before their expiration date. Support requests to have your account removed will always be denied.