What is Hosting Volume?

What is the purpose of a Hosting Volume?

ProFreeHost's websites are hosted on a custom-built cloud hosting platform. Every website on this cloud platform is served by a network of servers, balancing ideal performance and hardware for serving, storing, and running its database.

A Hosting Volume is assigned to each hosting account. Simply explained, a Hosting Volume is a cloud storage disk that stores the files of the accounts that have been assigned to it.

Web servers can access these cloud storage systems to retrieve files associated with a certain web hosting account, which can then be displayed on the website. The FTP servers have access to these cloud storage drives, allowing you to upload files to your hosting account's storage.


A server's Hosting Volume is not a fancy marketing word. A Hosting Volume is not the same as a server. When a website is down, the problem is almost never due to a lack of bandwidth. Unreachable websites are usually caused by a problem with the web server. The IP address allocated to your account is the easiest way to identify web servers.

If you are having trouble with your website, please provide the URL, domain, or account username in your message. Do not limit yourself to the hosting volume. Most likely, the hosting volume is running well and the problem is caused by something else in your account that cannot be connected to a hosting volume.

Different IP addresses can be used for accounts on the same Hosting Volume. Because website files are not stored on the web server, accounts can be easily relocated to different IP addresses by accessing the Hosting Volume from a different server.

Finally, the hosting volume does not hold all of a hosting account's material. This content of a hosting account, for example, is not saved on the hosting volume.

Where can I find Hosting Volume?

The hosting volume of your account can be found in the client area.

Navigate to Accounts, locate your account, and select Manage. A card labeled Account Details appears on that page. Your hosting volume can be found there.

What happens if my Hosting Volume fails to function properly?

Your website files are stored on your hosting volume, therefore if it fails, a lot of things will go wrong.

You may notice the following mistakes on your website:

  • An error message stating that the connection has timed out (varies by browser)
  • An error message that says "Connection Refused" (varies by browser)
  • When connecting to FTP, you may encounter the following errors:
  • 421 There is no home directory accessible.
  • After a PASS **** command, the "Connection timed out."
  • If your account has issues in both the website and FTP categories, it is almost certainly a hosting volume issue. However, you may have other troubles as well.
  • Under the hood, the file manager also employs FTP. If FTP is not working, you may encounter errors such as:
  • You have been redirected to a login page.
  • “Error! "I was unable to read a line from the socket."

Some file-related control panel functionality will also be broken, such as:

  • Softaculous
  • Redirects
  • Error pages