What does an Entry Process entail, and what does the limit imply?

What does an Entry Process entail, and what does the limit imply?

The Entry Process Failures limit, commonly known as the EP limit, is one of the restrictions imposed by ProFeeHost hosting service. This page discusses what an entrance process is, how to regulate it, and what the limit represents.

What is the definition of an entry process?

A new code is developed every time a request to a PHP script on your website is made to execute your PHP code. After that, this process runs your code, transmits the response to the visitor, and then exits.

It's worth noting that each request, not each PHP file, has its own entry process. As a result, even if your code contains numerous PHP files, they are still counted as a single entry process.

What is a failure of the entrance process?

There is a restriction on how many entry processes can exist at a time for your account to avoid a brief increase in traffic from causing difficulties for the server. If your account reaches this limit, no new processes may be launched, and visitors will be sent to an error page. "Entry process failures" are what these unsuccessful requests are referred to as.

As a result, errors in the admission procedure are indications of traffic spikes that (temporarily) overload your hosting account.

The hits limit can be used to determine how intense these bursts are. Is the utilisation of your entrance process high yet the usage of your hits low? This indicates that the bursts were more severe.

How can I cut down on the number of times I use the entry process?

Here are some suggestions to assist you lessen your entrance process limitations.

  • Remove the.php file extension from static files (such as HTML or CSS files). Even if there is no PHP code in the file, all requests to it with the.php suffix produce entry processes.
  • Use of AJAX and other background requests should be minimised. If your website's programming refreshes the page in the background (to check for modifications or new messages), this might easily result in high entry process consumption with few visitors.

How can I increase the amount of time I spend on the entry process?

On free hosting, the entry process allocation cannot be expanded on demand. We handle all accounts equally and will not provide unfair perks to customers simply because they ask for them.

Please consider upgrading your account to premium hosting if your entry process use is still too high after following the instructions here (or if you are having difficulties applying the tips to your website).

The entry process allotment on premium hosting is substantially higher than on free hosting. And your website will only be harmed if you use too many processes; it will not be suspended for a day if you exceed the limit.