IO Usage Limits

What does it mean to use IO?

The amount of time your PHP code interacts with the hosting storage is measured by IO use. It's commonly expressed in megabytes per second (MB/s).

When uploading files to your website using a built-in uploader (such as the media management in WordPress) or installing plugins or themes using your site's built-in functionality, your website creates IO usage.

The IO measure excludes use that isn't created by PHP. This includes using FTP or the file manager to upload and download files, viewing and downloading web pages from your site, and using Softaculous tools to handle scripts.

What is the method for calculating IO usage?

The IO limit is determined by IO "faults." This signifies we've set a quota on IO usage. Your website will be slowed down but not blocked if you hit it.

When you reach this initial limit, it is recorded as a "defect" on your account.

Your account will be suspended for 24 hours if you achieve a particular number of faults in a day.


How much IO bandwidth am I allowed to use?

The actual storage bandwidth allotted, as well as the maximum number of faults you can have in a single day, are kept private. However, the graph on the Account Statistics page in your control panel can show you how near you are to the limit.


What can I do to figure out what's causing the excessive IO usage?

As with all other limits, the IO limit is solely tracked as a single counter for the whole account. As a result, it's impossible to attribute IO utilization to specific scripts, pages, or actions.

Premium hosting includes more thorough data that are broken down by hour and contain snapshots so you can see what was happening when your usage was at its peak. Even those measurements, however, do not provide you with the answer on a silver platter.

In actuality, you'll have to experiment to see which configurations result in high IO utilization and which don't.

The IO limit is one of ProFreeHost’s most complicated limitations. As a result, it's not always easy to figure out why a site reaches its IO limit.

Because the main role of backup and import plugins is to move big archives and many files around, they tend to require a lot of IO. Please disable any such functionality or plugin if you have one on your site.


What can I do to cut down on my IO usage?

Disable any backup plugins or import systems you may have. These scripts are known to utilize a lot of IO. Disable any other scripts that may be doing a lot of reading and writing from storage and see if it helps.

If you don't have anything like that, you can post your scenario in the community forum and have others guess for you. If you do, please be as specific as possible about what's going on with your account so that others can assist you properly.


What can I do to increase my IO power?

Premium hosting comes with substantially greater IO power allocations than free hosting, which is useful if you're having problems optimizing your IO utilization or simply want more IO bandwidth. Your account on premium hosting will only be throttled if you use too much data; it will not be immediately suspended if you exceed the limit regularly.