How to setup FTP using WinSCP

To manually install Wordpress, themes or html/php files, you can use FTP server profile provided by You can easily setup FTP uploader such as WinSCP to upload or download various files from your website using following step:

  1. You can either visit WinSCP or download the file directly through this link.

  2. After installing WinSCP, go to your Client Area and Click on Manage, once you reach the account page, click on FTP tab. From there you can access your FTP Hostname, Username and Password.

  3. Copy the credentials provided for the FTP server. Now open WinSCP and click on "New Session". If you are opening it first time it will automatically create a New Session for you.
  4. From there, click on File protocol field and select FTP with No encryption. Set the Host name to and port number 21. Now paste your username and password in relevent fields.
  5. Click on "Save" button and then click "Login".

That it. Now you can acces your htdocs files and other website pages to manually add, remove or modify different files.