How to install large scripts and upload big files?

The maximum file size limit of Profreehost is 10MB and it cannot be changed.

Why? Because it is enough for most of the websites including popular scripts.

First Thing To Do

If you are trying to install a read-made script, the first thing you want to do is to look into our Softaculous Script Installer inside your Control Panel. The best way to install a script is through that installer.

It just takes a minute or two if you find the script there.

Prepare the Script to be installed

If you are unable to install a script via Softaculous Script Installer, follow these simple steps to install script of your choice.

  1. Download the script that you want to install on your local Computer
  2. Extract the script to a folder if it is compressed
  3. Login to your FTP account via an FTP client like FileZIlla, WinSCP
  4. From inside the FTP client, locate the extracted folder and upload the script

Your FTP client will start transferring the files of the script. It may take some secords to few hours depending upon the speed of your internet and the size of the script.

Once done, follow the instructions provided with the documentation of the script to install it.

Uploading large scripts

Select all the files from extracted script and upload to htdocs directory of your website. Your FTP Client will start transferring the script. It can take sometimes. Once everything is uploaded, follow the installation instructions that come with the script. That's it.

Uploading large plugins/themes

 Some scripts, e.g. Wordpress, MyBB etc. have a plugin and/or themes system where you can install custom plugins and themes. If you have a plugin or theme which is bigger than 10MB, you will not be able to upload it directly from the Admin panel of the script

 In this case, you need to extract the plugin/theme to folder and upload that folder via FTP to the plugin or theme directory of the script. In case of wordpress, "wp-content/plugins" for plugins and "wp-content/themes" directory for themes. Once the FTP client finishes upload, you can simple go to the Admin panel and activate theme there.