Unable to Connect to FTP!

FTP is the convenient way of uploading your files and folders to your Profreehost hosting account. If you are having problem in FTP connection, you are probably missing something.

Make sure you are doing the following to ensure a proper FTP connection:

Login to Control Panel

If you have not entered into your account's Control Panel after creating your new website account in your Client Area, you may encounter FTP Authentication error.

You need to login to your account's control panel at-least one time to enable FTP access of that account.

Double Check Your FTP Settings

Make sure you are using the right settings for your FTP connection.

You can do so by heading to your Client Area and clicking the Manage button next to the account you're attempting FTP access for. There you can find FTP hostname, username and password of your account.

Usually the Port is "21" and you should use no encryption so that your FTP settings should look similar to this:

File Protocol: FTP

Encryption: no encryption

Host Name: Your account hostname (From Client Area)

Username: Your account username (From Client Area)

Password: Your account username (From Client Area)

(Recommended FTP Clients are FileZilla and WinSCP)

Change Password

Certain variations of passwords may cause issues for some clients. To resolve that issue, simply reset your FTP password and try again. Click the Manage button and then hover over the Password tab to change your web account's password.

Still Having Problem?

The steps outlined above will resolve the majority of common FTP issues. However, if you continue to have problems, please do not hesitate to seek assistance on our Forum.