Can I get Software/Script Support?

Hundreds of thousands of websites all around the world rely on our free hosting services, which are nearly incomparable. We have to compensate our employees for handling such a large number of online accounts. Only server/hardware issues are covered by our assistance.

What does that tell you!

We need to pay for these services, and the non-intrusive advertisements are our only source of money, which isn't much.

If we give you with software/script help in these circumstances, we will need to engage more skilled expertise, which will lower our maintenance costs and improve services for our clients. If we do so, the majority of the loss will be caused to our clients, which involves you.

Unfortunately, any queries about script installation, bug fixes, script upgrades, or other software-related support tickets will be disregarded for the time being.

But, you still can use our Forum to get help in all such issues you face.