What does trailing ?i=1 at the end of my URL mean?

When you create a new account and visit the website URL, you may see a trailing parameter at the end of your URL e.g. ?i=1

What does it Do?

This parameter is actually a security measure to ensure that your website is accessible only through regular web browsers.

When your URL is first accessed, it is redirected to ?i=1 which means that it is the first attempt the validate the browser in which case a cookie is setup to check if challenge is passed. When it is showing ?i=2, this means that the security system has not found the cookie on your browser and it is trying for the second time.

If the counter reaches ?i=3 and browser is still not validate, you will be redirected to a page with instruction on how to enable the cookies in your browser. This prevents the browser from stucking in the loop.

Can you Remove This Parameter?

As we are providing free service, we need to make sure that there is no abuse to our system. So we disable the programatic access to our servers. To ensure that, we need to keep this system in place. Unfortunately, the security system responsible for ?i=1 is mendatory and cannot be deactivated. This prevents the parameter to be removed