How to install Wordpress through FTP CLient

WordPress distributes updates on a regular basis, which you could install via the WordPress admin interface. However, some upgrades fail halfway through, leaving you with a malfunctioning website.

There are many ways to fix such errors, some of which are described below:


  1. To begin, you should first download a new copy of WordPress. You can get it from the download link.

  2. You can then download a ZIP file containing the WordPress code. This archive must be extracted on your own computer.
  3. You'll need an FTP client and an FTP connection to upload the WordPress files. The article here goes into greater depth about how to use FTP to upload files using WinSCP.

  4. You can navigate to your website's folder in your FTP client.
  5. If you're trying to fix the website associated with the account, you'll most likely need to use the htdocs folder.
  6. There will be a folder with the domain name and another htdocs folder within it for subdomains and addon domains added later to your account. That's the folder where the website files are most likely stored.

  7. After you've located your website's WordPress code, you'll need to locate the extracted wordpress folder. Then grab everything in this folder and upload it to your existing WordPress site.

  8. If you're uploading the code to the correct folder, it should prompt you about what to do with the existing files. To apply this action to all uploads, select Yes and check the boxes.
  9. The upload queue can be found at the bottom of the page. It may take some time for all of the uploads to finish.

You can return to the WordPress admin area after the uploads are complete. It could include further information or instructions for completing the upgrade. You should have a fully functional and upgraded WordPress website after completing these instructions.