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Hi There my name is Yusuf Demirpen?e. I was shocked to find out that my domain had been suspended. I had done nothing wrong and couldn't understand why this had happened. I had always followed the rules and guidelines set forth by the your hosting company, and I had never received any warnings or alerts about any problems with my website. I was devastated and couldn't believe that my website, which I had worked so hard to build and maintain, had been suspended without any reason. But i just have one idea. i was talking with stranger people on discord server to improve my english and i got one friend. he was interested with computers and software too like me. And we were talking about things we done. I showed my own portfolio website and he said me "I'm gonna do magic" and he said i closed ur website. I couldn't understand and i tried to open my website just than i got 508 error code. He said me that he is gonna fix it and he did. but after some i opened my website again and i saw my domain suspended. I went to client area and there was a line and it was like "Your domain will be activated after 24 hours" i waited more than 24 hours and now as i see my website suspenden foreverrrrr :( i checked my mail and i had got one mail about my website and it was saying Your website activated !! i got this mail on Saturday January 7th 5:14 PM. You can check it but after i had got one more mail too. after five minutes on Saturday January 7th 5.19 PM. i got suspended again. And i asked this stranger who i met on discord he said me i used ddos program to your website. I said why did you do that he answered like dont worry its gonna be fixed but now as i see i got suspenden forever. Please fix my website i did not do anything wrong i just wanted to show my skills but he attacked my website. i hope i tald all things clearly if you need more information just say it i'll help. Have a good day