Update: July 19 2017: Everything is back to normal and all account should be working properly now. Although, we are still monitoring this closely.

Update: July 16 2017: As a result of a DDoS on some cluster nodes, we have nulled the server ip addresses for the next 24/48 hours. Once un-nulled websites hosted there will be back online.

Update: July 15 2017: FTP, File Manager and all disab
Admin posted May 4 at 10:06 pm
We have added site.pro website builder.

site.pro builder is a drag and drop web builder which is easy to use and contains responsive templates.

How to use new builder?
You can access new website builder in your profreehost client area.

There click on create a new builder.
Select account domain for which you want to create builder.
Click create and go to "Builders" and click login.
recent by Green Applications  ·  May 6 at 3:38 pm
Update: Maintenance successfully completed on 14 July

We expect to have a planned maintenance on July 12 starting at 19:00 UTC. The initial maintenance is expected to last for around 2 hours. You may experience downtime during these hours.

After initial maintenance, there may be account-wise maintenance about which more information will be posted here.

recent by Admin  ·  Jul 14 at 9:29 am
RandomUs3r posted 5 days ago at 5:06 pm
Okay, so i has registering on this site hosting and it's the only one that works fine to a script i have here.
But...when i try to acces the links, it gives "http" (without ':' ) and a DNS error.
I know that i can replace it, but the new users of the site may experience it and they'll be tired of "argh i must insert : here".

So what to do?

Ps: This is my HTACCESS file:

recent by Admin  ·  3 days ago at 6:12 pm
I switched to ProFreeHost from another FTP-hosting site (name withheld) because the previous one was giving me problems with my videos. I switched to ProFreeHost and i am absolutely satisfied with the streaming speed (with or without a CDN).

However, both ProFreeHost and the previous FTP website share the exact same problem: they have issues with my videos.
Firstly, the video that plays on
Lafrog posted Jul 8 at 4:22 pm

everytime i open an php script completly without javascript in it in my web browser it just show´s

<script type="text/javascript" src="/aes.js"></script>
function toNumbers(d) {
var e = [];
d.replace(/(..)/g, function(d) {
e.push(parseInt(d, 16))
return e
recent by badbot  ·  Jul 8 at 8:51 pm

I'm having problems uploading some videos files. There are software demos i have made myself.

I manage to upload up to 16 MB, but trying to upload some other, it finish and it saids everything is ok, but they disappear from my folder.

Some other say about time out, but the ftp keep uploading until they finished.

Is there a maximun file size using ftp or maximun load time using
I'm having some problem adding connect2buddy.cf as an addon domain. Whenever I'm trying to do that, an error message pops up saying-"This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)." The nameservers are correct and pointing to ns1.unaux.com and ns2.unaux.com.
Please help me! My username is unaux_20314197.

recent by badbot  ·  Jul 2 at 2:12 pm
After I uploaded my index.php and my config.php, I started getting HTTP 500 errors, saying:

This page isn’t working
uls.unaux.com is currently unable to handle this request.
I have no idea what could have caused this, so all help is appreciated. Thank you!
For reference: my site is uls.unaux.com .

~I found the issue. Naturally, it was a missing bracket.
recent by 500errors  ·  Jul 1 at 3:22 am
Rapitharian posted Jun 26 at 10:21 pm
Today I created a new Database for a development website. I used cPanel and then went to "MySQL Databases", created the DB. Next I backed up the main site DB. Now I modified the SQL backup to have the correct DB name and site URL. I then imported the modified backup with "PHP My Admin."

When I went to the wordpress admin for my site I see the following:

Can’t select database

recent by badbot  ·  Jun 29 at 12:53 pm

I am currently using CloudFlare as a cache proxy for my website: ghstmalta.org. Everything works fine except SSL. When this website was on another host, the SSL certificate worked just fine, with the SSL Certificate appearing to be signed from CloudFlare. However with you this is not the case.

A non signed certificate is appearing. I tried to generate a new Origin Certificate from Clou
recent by badbot  ·  Jun 28 at 12:44 pm
Cpanel's MySQL Backup feature seems out of reach or unavailable. Is it a premium feature and it is listed in order to keep it there for premium accounts, or is it a website bug? If it is a disable feature, it should specify. Thanks in advance for your attention.


recent by Rapitharian  ·  Jun 26 at 10:42 pm
naphockey posted May 5 at 6:23 pm
Hello, I have an SSL cert ready for use signed by a CA using the CSR cpanel gave me, but it says that "The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name" even though it is from the CA. What should I do?

recent by Bruno  ·  Jun 25 at 4:41 pm
I have 2 questions before I setup a website??

Would it be ok if I setup a Mybb forum for underground unsigned artist to post music no copyrighted music and none of the mp3 files would be host on the server they would be hosted elsewhere.

Where is the shared hosting server located??

recent by Admin  ·  Jun 21 at 11:47 am
tamada posted Jun 11 at 9:28 pm
I try to get PHP result page from Android application (this should be a string as response) , but the server replies with HTML page. If I try to access the same page by wget, I receive "403 Forbidden". If I access by browser, everything is fine. What's wrong with PHP?

recent by badbot  ·  Jun 12 at 3:52 am
Paragon posted Jun 9 at 12:00 pm
Hello ProFreeHost,

I don't redirect my website. the site i'm directing to does not work.

I have SSL certificate. I redirect http to https but not working.

I change .htaccess options but not working. help please!

recent by Admin  ·  Jun 10 at 10:38 am
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