[Important] This is how you delete your ProFreeHost Account

For a more simple run down of what this is saying, please visit here: https://profreehost.com/forum/discussion/comment/3323/#Comment_3323

If you are done with ProFreeHost's Services, there IS a way to delete your account. Please do not post a thread asking how to remove your account. It will be ignored.

1. Close ALL of your websites.
- This way, it will be removed from the system.
2. Wait 90 DAYS for it to be removed permanently.
- This is a US Law, it cannot be avoided.
3. Once all of your "accounts" have been removed, contact @Admin.
- The best way to get in touch with @Admin is to send him a email. His address is: [email protected]

Remember, you HAVE to wait 90 DAYS before your website is removed from the ProFreeHost system. This is a US Law that is unavoidable.

All threads asking for help with this will be ignored/redirected to this thread.

Thank you,
- TheCrafters


  • if i have to switch hosting I have to wait for 90 days?

  • @funex said:
    if i have to switch hosting I have to wait for 90 days?

    No, just change your DNS Servers to point to the right host.

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