New Drag & Drop Website Builder

We have added website builder. builder is a drag and drop web builder which is easy to use and contains responsive templates.

How to use new builder?
You can access new website builder in your profreehost client area.
1. There click on create a new builder.
2. Select account domain for which you want to create builder.
3. Click create and go to "Builders" and click login.

For Addon domains after step 1 & 2, check "Addon Domain" field and enter addon domain name.

- Currently, you can create builder for only home directory and not for sub-directories.
- Only one builder per domain name is allowed. Addon domains are counted separately. i.e. if you have addon domain inside your main account, you can create 2 separate builders for each (sub-domain and addon domain)
- You can create maximum 15 builders. However, you can delete old ones to create new.

Known Issues:
FTP Login Incorrect error: If it occurs, logout of your client area, login back and try to re-establish your builder connection.
You may need to wait for some minutes in some cases.


  • I have found a video on how it is used
    It is just a example but maybe this will give you a good idea on how it works

    Green Applications (or TheCrafters)

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