I'm having issues with some of my video files on my website

I switched to ProFreeHost from another FTP-hosting site (name withheld) because the previous one was giving me problems with my videos. I switched to ProFreeHost and i am absolutely satisfied with the streaming speed (with or without a CDN).

However, both ProFreeHost and the previous FTP website share the exact same problem: they have issues with my videos.
Firstly, the video that plays on my homepage crashes when left playing for a while, giving a "Video playback aborted due to network error" error, on some other browsers it crashes without error a few seconds after loading. And secondly, 2 videos of mine which are larger than 10 MB dont play at all (which i can understand why on PFH, but not on the previous site which allowed larger files than 10 MB).

Only these 3 videos have these problems, the rest have no problems at all. All the info i can give on these videos is that they are MP4, they have a high video bitrate but low audio bitrate, and they are about less than 300x300 in resolution size, they also autoplay and loop. The other unaffected videos also share these same specs.

I would like to know what can be done to fix this problem, as its going to happen on other cPanel-supported sites anyways. Would i have to re-render the videos? save them as a different file type? optimize them? Or is there something that can be done either cPanel-wise, HTML-wise or Cloudfront-wise?

If i have to give info on the site i use, then i shall if im asked.

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