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Hi admins! I have website addressed I remade it a couple of times using infinityfree and profreehost and vice versa due to some problems. And now I made a mistake which is I don't know. Whenever I remake the subdomain again, I can install wordpress on it but can't open the site even the Also both my cpanel online file manager of infinityfree and profreehost has a folder of the subdomain along with my domain in which I believe where wordpress data is installed. So if I try to delete it to install a fresh wordpress for my subdomain instead, it can't, cause it needs permission.

All i want now is my site and its sources be deleted permanently in both and profreehost data, in order for me to make new one as it's the first time. Can you please help me with this? I would really appreciate it.

Edited: Also, if I install new wordpress for, it won't take to long as what normally it will. Like it will only take 8 secs to install. It's seems there's really problem with my subdomain.


  • axelbrave
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    I have parked my domain already. Still, I can't delete those files. And yes, I only park my domain once per hosting account.