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  • @Dragnorian I really can not help. I don't know what is happening. I do remember I had issues on moved to ezyro and the vanilla forum script sent the email.
  • It seems like the form is processing. It may be the mx records have not propagated yet. If you don't get any emails in your gmail (spam box) by the end of tomorrow, and no bounce in your roundcube. Try changing the gmail address to you roundcube add…
  • @Dragnorian Okay so if the contact form is still not working, debugging is needed. Is that a wordpress contact form? If so you may be able to alter config inside the wordpress admin console. It may be trying to send from old config trying to auth…
  • @Dragnorian let me know if you receive reply.
  • Before we provide further support, we need to verify you can send and receive via webmail. send an email by webmail: send to: @Dragnorian
  • @Dragnorian You have to create email account in control panel > email > email accounts [email protected] create a password for that account. that will be your credentials for roundcube. also it will give you…
  • No smtp/pop/imap or SSL for free services.
  • how long ago did you add mx entry? did you add both mx records? how was email sent, by webmail client in control panel? get email working from both send and receive. once that is working the contact form should w…
  • All we are doing is getting permission for the domain or sub domain to sendmail() via Apache. []
  • @Dragnorian Add these mx records in the control panel under MX Entry's >> >> Both with priority of zero "0".…
  • @TheCrafters My bad I checked installed copy of /library/core/ looks like line 46. $this->PhpMailer->Encoding = '8bit'; Line 42 is $this->PhpMailer->CharSet = 'utf-8'; Vanilla Forum version 2.5.1
  • @TheCrafters said: or is it a different line? I have it line 42. Looks like you have the syntax just a bit off. $this->PhpMailer->CharSet = c('Garden.Charset', 'utf-8');
  • @Dragnorian said: So how would I then set up my MX Record? @Dragnorian Would be better if you posted your PFH domain name or domain name you add on. We can tell you exactly what mx records to enter.
  • @TheCrafters said: My question is how to change it to UTF-8? In vanilla forum had to change a line in "". The file name would be most likely the same in any opensource script. Location of file may be different. Newer version …
  • @Dragnorian said: So how would I add my email to the mx entries? I want to use my gmail account for it all Third party domain email WILL NOT work. I tried but I could not figure it out. To use gmail you would have to add "SPF Record". The ph…
  • I don't think it is your script as much as the "[email protected]" I would say this is what your looking for: []) How to implement into code is another deal. You must have an email…
  • Yes I could tell you.
  • @ChrisPAR Thanks for the info. Take a look at the thread date. Nov 2017.
  • HELLO ChrisPAR I'm badbot No forum is not dead, just not many legitimate users.
  • @88girassois PFH/forum email not verified! PFH/Domain not posted! nameservers not updateded!
  • PFH/forum email not verified! PFH/Domain not posted! Profreehost free account hosting services have restriction. pear packages not enabled.
  • Site working as expected here. Using "G Chrome". right click web page. popup menu > select view page source. opens source in new tab. select style.css I believe MS edge does download and opens in notepad or defaulted selected browser txt…
  • 10 mb restriction.
  • @qsc96710 You have not posted your PFH/account domain. Your PFH/forum email address is not verified. You should have received an email with suspension detail, at PFH/account email address.
  • @ChrisBOnTheWeb
    in IP Banning Comment by badbot April 26
  • PFH/forum email not verified. You most likely uploaded your files to the place where it said: "do not upload files here!". Check and make sure they are in the /htdocs directory. Delete any files !"you"! uploaded before htdocs.
  • PFH/forum email not verified! PFH/Domain not posted! Free service accounts do not have access to phpini. You look into .htaccess can be used for php directives.
  • PFH/forum email not verified! PFH/Domain not posted! @Admin will delete your forum user account when spring cleaning starts.
    in I want Comment by badbot April 24
  • PFH/forum email not verified! PFH/Domain not posted!
    in I want Comment by badbot April 23
  • I doubt it. This free service has restrictions. In control panel you will see phpinfo. There you can see if it is enabled and what port. I never messed with sockets. I think it is a SSL port "445". No SSL for free service.

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