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  • @mikailemreergun Trouble with connecting to database??
  • @eddygaur looks suspended from here. if access to manage remove domain from addon domains, cancel account. Just install manually. Installation: Handy Guide Create Database: Account default usern…
  • @mikailemreergun I remember looking at url fopen before even though it says On it is acually disabled in the server phpini. Which we have no access to. phpinfo on my server says allow_url_fopen On. Check in cpanel under "General PHP Info" it sa…
  • Badtech phpsys Template version 0.3 Available soon!
  • @eddygaur "" is suspended!!! Big question here is do you still have access to mange "" in client area?? Please answer that question! Softaculous sucks!!!! Start installing your CMS…
  • @eddygaur orakuraunauxcom is suspended. May have something to do with it not sure. Is it that way for all three accounts? what is the exact domain that is in the list? @Admin
  • [email protected] WARNING: SOA MNAME ( is not listed as a primary nameserver at your parent nameserver! unaux always did act funny. and your "A" record is pointing to what I always believed t…
  • @JaswantJas22 need to catch us up. Registrar URL: So did you just recently update the Name servers? Better to have used 5 name servers. "missing " ""…
  • what! suspended -> not suspended ->
  • I do not need to visit the site. see the @ badbot that sends me a notification, remove the at sign and I will not be notified of your quote to OP
  • Hello @ianwar85 Post your free domain name or domain for further assistance. The free service is a self service hosting. Manage your accounts at: my free domain:
  • @ChrisPAR Xenforo is closed source not in script installer. He has the xenforo script all he needed to do was wait till dns fully propagated, fix the Apache handlers (5) and install. He could have installed then fixed the errors. Some may not have …
  • @hax404inj3t404 You need to wait for DNS to fully propagate. So you can use the xenforo script as intended.
  • You could do as ChrisPAR suggest and disable cloud flare until you get the site up and running. Do you have access to PFH/account? Do you have your domain parked/addon a PFH sub domain? Really do need to set up site via http before cloud flare. Unl…
  • @hax404inj3t404 You should post your domain so members can provide a better assistance. You always have access to to handle your accounts! If you are talking about the domain "". I landed on the xenfo…
  • @jessica88 It is the welcome html document that defaults to all new accounts. Please post your domain name for further assistance.
  • @tonyhoaivu Sign up for a free subdomain account and test before you addon a domain. What is a "music site"? Download, stream copyrighted music files?? You will get suspended pretty quick. Please post your PFH domain.
  • @ChrisPAR I have no Idea what he is doing. Why would you post in issues for suspended account. Look at the "A" record for his domain. So contacting Admin is just redundant. Just let him update the name servers.
  • @vladimir said: How i can contact with admin - want to work with my sites and - send me email You have to log into freenom and fix the DNS records. you have it all screwed up. This page will tell you whats …
  • @Dash no it's not possible.
  • @Dash paste what?
  • @humbletyrant you don't have a domain hosted here.
  • @humbletyrant so no you can not hot link.
  • @rinkufeni domain removed from site. solved! use 1 more site. it will get better.
  • @humbletyrant Do you even have a site hosted on a PFH account?
  • @humbletyrant That is helpful. you know anyway to link to an image on the PFH account domain besides using cloud flare?
  • @humbletyrant changing Name Servers will not work if OP has the domain addon at PFH (ifast free network) an then try's to add it on to different ifast free network (infinityfree). Thanks for participation and welcome to PFH.
  • @ChrisPAR That is sarcasm! User bumps thread a year old and asked "how to add mx record". If they are unfamiliar with adding mx records, cloud flare will be a real treat! I also said "may" be a forum troll. In other words, I am waiting for reply (…
  • @choicestore said: Hi Our website ( displays 404 error currently, please help us rectify this asap. Thanks I got threw to "" website. From the USA. You ship to the US?
  • @ChrisPAR dykisa said that over a year ago and is not here anymore. it is flatbog that bumped this thread. And fatblog is most likely a forum troll. but thanks cloudflare is a very useful tool for forum trolls.

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