What is the maximum file/upload size?

There is a 10 MB file size limit on all ProFreeHost servers. It is vital to remember that this is a file size restriction rather than an upload restriction.

The distinction is minor, but significant. Although an upload restriction can be specified in PHP, the limit is enforced at the file system level. This restriction cannot be overridden by any PHP option, and it also applies to files uploaded using FTP or the file manager.

Is it possible to raise the limit?

No. The size restriction is set in stone and cannot be changed. For most website files, 10 MB is more than adequate (scripts, images, HTML files, etc.).

You can get around it if you need to submit a bigger script, plugin, or theme. See this page for instructions on how to upload large files. Please utilize a dedicated service if you wish to upload big, downloadable files or video files (e.g. YouTube for video or Google Drive for downloadable files).