How to get ssl work in Cloudflare

My domain is . I have transferred the domain to cloudflare. Now my domain @ points to . Added www as cname points to . In crypto tab I have selected full and added a page rule always use https . After all this my website is working properly but ssl is not working . Help is very much appreciated


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    @hashib looks like its working.

  • @badbot
    Yeah it's working right now. Well, thanks for the service. But this sevice got some unnecessary things ( unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space etc ) but it got very low resource limit. So it getting suspended. However is there any way to low resource spending

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    @hashib @has2san22

    The best way is pay for hosting. In your case changing dns to a new or old webhost worked. A legitimate email address helps a lot. I'd stay away from (Digital Dot Net Broadband) and find an email address like [email protected] and email them to help decrees unnecessary phishing traffic. Or stay with three zero. Or go bookface all together.

    Anyway, I'm in the USA and have no idea why I would use bookface for a link to a movie. bookface is a traffic consumer, when they say connected they mean 24 7 bandwidth usage. As long as the browser window is open to bookface.

    What did the suspension email notification say?

  • The message was:
    Your account unaux_21799941 has been suspended because it reached the daily resource limits.
    Do not worry, it will be automatically re-activated after 24 hours of suspension.

    Go to Client Area

    Profreehost - Free Unlimited Web Hosting
    In panel it says I have reached ep limits . Thanks. Visitors comes together. It's a problem I think. Thanks

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