You guys are just spam. I have left profreehost since 1-2 weeks and still I get meassage like "You reached hosting limit or Website suspended." How you guys would explain that. I have problem with my pc so can't take screenshot. I will send the screenshot after some time via mobile. For now I have cpoy pasted the message . Now , I am mad as you guys were just deceiving us or me.
First it:
unaux_21799941 resource usage suspension
Hosting Warning
10:02 (12 hours ago)
to me

Why is this message in spam? It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past.
Report as not spam
Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username unaux_21799941 has utilised its daily resource limit.

This limit is reset every day and your site will be reactivated in 24 hours time (24 hour suspension )

The resources that your site has over used are :

ep overuse

You can log into your free hosting cpanel, and click on 'Account statistics' in the 'Software / Services' section, this here shows the current month resource usage graphs.

The free plan is a great place to get your site online and making profit, however it does have limited resources available to it, you would need to optimize your script(s) to reduce usage, OR upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium plans have a MUCH higher resource allocation, along with the cPanel panel unlimited disk space, and much much more. For more information please visit

Free hosting accounts that are suspended over 40 times are not able to be reactivated / will not reactivate, you should upgrade if there is any doubt !

Once the premium hosting account has been purchased please create a support ticket asking for your free hosting account to be migrated to the premium hosting account and we will do the rest.


After few hours this:
Oop! Account Reached Resource Limits

10:04 (12 hours ago)
to me

Profreehost - Free Unlimited Web Hosting
Your account unaux_21799941 has been suspended because it reached the daily resource limits.
Do not worry, it will be automatically re-activated after 24 hours of suspension.

Go to Client Area

Profreehost - Free Unlimited Web Hosting

If you're having problem in clicking the button, copy and paste the below URL into your web browser:
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  • It's not spam. As per our Terms, which you agreed on registration, this notification email will be sent.

    If you don't want to continue further, just deactivate all your accounts and us an email. You will stop receiving emails from us.

  • Well , why would I get warning of resource limit and my account get suspended even though I don't use them.

  • edited March 30

    @hashib @has2san22

    Monitoring tools are accurate. No need to go any further. Please close your hosting accounts.

    To close your hosting accounts.

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  • @hashib said:
    Well , why would I get warning of resource limit and my account get suspended even though I don't use them.

    You might not be using them, but the accounts are still in the server and they are using the server's resources, so as long as the website is online and people are visiting it/is using resources, the monitoring tools still capture resource usage.

    As for how to stop it from happening, please refer to the link posted in the previous post.

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