I Installed and Designed Wordpress Site. It will not show!

Hi, sorry if you have discussed this already.

I installed Wordpress via Soft installer. I have designed my site on Wordpress but when I try to go to my domain: www.jworldcommunications.com it will not show. I have uninstalled Wordpress. I don't want to install again until I am sure I am doing it right. I will re-design my site once I know for sure it will show. I deleted the html file also "index2" so the ProFree Congratulations message won't show. Please tell me how to correctly install Wordpress via Soft so that my site will show once published.

It also showed Directory, when I had WP installed and published. I couldn't get rid of it.

Thank you!


  • Update: I did try re-installing. It still showed the Directory :( so sad, please help.

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    Hello, and sorry for the late reply. Your site works fine now, so I assumed you figured it out.

    This error usually happens when:
    1. You do not delete the "wp" in Install Directory, which makes WordPress installed by default to www.jworldcommunications.com/wp/
    2. Your browser's and DNS cache need to be cleared, and if this doesn't work then maybe you should wait a bit for the DNS to propagate.

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