Mail() function does not work

I have made a password recovery on my site for users that forgott it, so I need to be able send them mail with the new password. I tried it, but it doesnt work. Is the function blocked somehow on this hosting? It would be really bad to me, cause I need that password recovery.


  • I already read it and I didn't understand properly as im not good in english

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    Post your domain name!!

    mail() a is a bitch from home made script. some cms with php mailer will work for signup and notification. only if you have an email account set up with a tld domain


  • My domain is:
    What is tld and cms?

  • "Outgoing emails are filtered on the basis of email templates." This is in the article, but how the templates looks like?

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    top level domain

    you need and email address with the domain ([email protected])

    must sends and receives in webmail.

    Then your cms (content management system) will be able to send email with the cms built in php mailer. This is a limitation of free hosting.

  • Thank you. Okay, the email is created. But now I need to know how EXACTLY the template and the header must looks like.

  • Headers hard coded, no template. server sendmail null. get a cms php mailer script working send yourself a signup email and look at the headers. you will most likely never get your script to send.

  • Hell, so what can I do?

  • Paid hosting is the only way I could find around the free hosting limitations.

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