So... This hosting has been my top hosting for the past 4 years. But recently, I made a change. I switched off ProFreeHost. Now, this does not mean I am not using this service from time to time. But I am not going to use this as my primary hosting anymore. If you follow my work, you may have noticed I migrated got GitHub for using my website. That means instead of using a fully dynamic (.php) file format, I am using a static (.html) format. GitHub does offer a free, unlimited, hosting. Like this one. But, know this. If you do plan to switch to GitHub, you may end up doing stuff like switching your DNS over to match. For example:

Now to my main point.

This hosting has become a bit... "heated" for lack of better words. You may have noticed I have deleted all of my content on this host. Mainly because, I want to start over. I am basically saying I am going to go inactive in this forum, forever. I may pop in from time to time to help out, but I may not be much help anymore. I don't know about you, but I think it is time to change.

So, this will be my last thread on this host, but maybe not my last comment.

= Thanks for Reading
= = TheCrafters001


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