SSL handshake failure

I have an issue when trying to access my website ( telling me Cloudflare's SSL handshake has failed. This error has been persistent for the last few days and Cloudflare's website has informed me that I should get in contact with my hosting provider.

The error also affects all subdomains.



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    I know you been using PFH a while. [You first support request ( "You first support request")

    You may be suspended. Since this error has been persistent for the last few days.Could you post the main domain name? In cpanel the main domain name is on the right panel column. Need the IP address of the hosting account.

    If Not!

    The only way we can provide help on the forum is for you to disable cloudflare. So we can make sure nothing has changed in your hosting account.

    Need to know if you create a hosting account with a free sub domain and added on the domain ( Or created the hosting account with just (

  • @badbot
    Yes, under main domain I found the following:
    I bought the domain name separately.
    Thank you!

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    what is your free sub domain name? (

  • I have three active subdomains:

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    No a free sub domain would be from or I'm thinking you are in a suspended state. No way to tell unless you disable cloud flare. Or contact support.

    Read Me


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    I have temporarily disabled CloudFlare on my website.
    The DNS name servers are subdomains of unaux. Should I provide those to you?

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    Disable cloud flare was a bad choice of words on my part. I mean stop using the cloud flare service altogether.

    Update the name servers for to:

    Use to see when the name servers show up. Shouldn't take to long. the go to and see what happens.

  • Will I be able to start using Cloudflare again afterwards? I need SSL.

  • using cloud flare correctly will give you ssl

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