Massive spamming


I found a little problem. One of these free subdomains sends tons of spam mails, with links that leads to curious websites. With appropriate research, I was able to find out that is being offered by Since I did not find the contact form, I post this here:
The source of spammails probably comes from

I hope the problem can be resolved soon.




  • That's weird, I visited the subdomain and it seems like it does not exist or that it was suspended/terminated. Could you provide some links/screenshots to the spam mails from it?

  • Post your domain name!
    Where are you receiving these tons of spam mails.
    Seek help from email provider.

    sub domain means nothing, IP reverse address is what you need. They will give you an abuse email address to contact.

    check IP address here:

    Need full email header to verify your claim. This community forum is not an abuse help desk. We will not be able to assist you with this issue.

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