custom 404 page does not redirect correctly

Using cPanel/Errorpages I set a custom 404 page (called 404.html), more precisely I tryyed to set it writing in the text box these settings (nobody worked):

so I would expect that tring to access a not existent page it shoould be displayed. Instead, I receive this message from Firefox:

**This page does not redirect properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this page so that it can never be completed.

 This problem is often caused by blocking or refusing cookies.**

But I checked I am not blocking cookies. So... what else may I do?


  • edited February 8

    Personally I think using htaccess file works better.

    ErrorDocument 403    /errordocuments/403.html
    ErrorDocument 404     /errordocuments/404.html

    Your cpanel function is actually working but it is like 404.html is not where it should be. so just keeps redirecting then dies with error.

  • My 404.html is in /htdocs so it should be OK. After some hours it started to work without any modification... but I think I will follow your suggestion, it is more flexible and manageable.

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