Various errors to fix

Hi, I'm new on your system, I created a free site with free host, then I list a summary of the matter.


1 - SSL I was unable to configure it, as the Italian language is missing, which makes me a little difficult to better understand what to do.
1a - can SSL be configured for free? ie make the site from http to https?
1b - Other services like "Altervista" allows you to switch from http to https for free, here I can't do it.
SCREENSHOT - This is the "Altervista" panel
2 - Wordpress installed and configured.
3 - Wordpress set for my "Italian" language.
4 - Set theme, Astra
5 - I have my plugins, bought and given away.
6 - How come in Account Details-> Main domain this URL appears which is full of advertisements?


7 - Whenever I try to install a simple plugin bought or downloaded from my old sites it always gives me error.


Warning: set_time_limit () has been disabled for security reasons in

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 20 seconds exceeded

================================================== ====
For now I am testing your service, although I must say that it is not so bad apart from a bit of slowness in uploads, but I would like these "problems" to be solved also because if in the future I wanted a PREMIUM service here with you, I would not want that every 2 or 3 minutes gives me errors that I don't want to happen. Thanks in advance for the work you do, Happy Holidays to you too.


  • Forget everything I wrote ... change manager ... it's not worth waiting all this time for easy questions.

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