Issue in activating my account

I am new user and i just create an account but as part of the instruction, i need to receive an activation code to my email so i can continue with process but sadly i didn't receive an email and when i click on the hyperlink to resend again it give me message "An error occured while trying to dispatch activation link".

Please guide me on what i suppose to do, because i need to create my own website and i cant do that till my activation issue is solve


  • Admin
    edited November -1

    You account is still pending activation?

  • vats
    edited November -1

    i have just created my is showing ,the account is not activated,what to do.please guide

  • abhi_192
    edited November -1

    Same thing happening for me

  • Emily_345
    edited November -1

    I have the same problem!! PLEASE HELP!