How to use cloudflare name servers and profreehosts?

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I am currently using a domain not a sub-domain. I have changed the name servers to profreehost's. I also want to use ssl and I saw a support saying that it is possible through cloudflare so I also want to use cloudflare's name servers but I can't use both of them at the same time any solution to this issue?


  • Just follow the instructions CloudFlare gives you, it should automatically setup everything. You will need to change your nameservers to the CloudFlare ones, but do so only after you have setup the account with ProFreeHost (which you seem to have done so you can change them).

    If you need to add records after that, or the IP changes, you will need to add (a) CNAME record(s) pointing to your main domain, which you can find on the control panel's sidebar.

    Sorry for responding late!

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