Error 525- SSL Handshake Failed

I am a new User. For SSL of my website (, I signed up on Cloudflare and enabled a Full strict encryption mode. When I visit my website 'Error 525 - SSL Handshake Failed' is showing.

For Resolution they have suggested:

Contact your hosting provider to exclude the following common causes at your origin web server:

No valid SSL certificate installed
Port 443 (or other custom secure port) is not open
No SNI support
The cipher suites accepted by Cloudflare does not match the cipher suites supported by the origin web server

Please help.


  • The_Optical
    edited November -1

    The full ssl encryption only works if you have installed an origin certificate by Cloudflare or a trusted provider in your hosting account. If you don’t have that installed I suggest you go with the flexible option.

    Hope this helps