MediaWiki Scribunto extension lua error


I'm new to ProFreeHost so I hope you can help me on my questions and other problems.

I use ProFreeHost to host my website Eurowiki with MediaWiki. The site is intended for roleplaying purposes only and is still in the works. However, I wanted to use Wikipedia templates for my wiki so that features like infoboxes will work. The solution was to enable the extension called "Scribunto" and it creates the namespace called Module which is used by wikipedia on its templates like the infobox template. When I enabled the extension, I got this error:

"Lua error: Cannot create process: proc_open is not available. Check PHP's "disable_functions" configuration directive."

The error resulted in the infobox I made to have no formatting. I need help on this thing as this is crucial on the operation of the website. I am open to any solutions that may work.

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