Account Suspended and NO Replies from Support

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Good morning

My account was suspended while I was in the backend of my site to make some changes.
I have had my account suspended for two days now and cannot save any data.

I would like to at least save the work done on the site in order to migrate to another platform.

It's a big damage also for this is a wrong suspension
What can I do?


  • this situation is really serious

    no one keeps responding and I'm afraid I've lost my job.

    I hope they will solve this problem soon, because with this disservice profreehost will not recommend it to my friends.

  • Sorry, but we can't offer you support for suspensions on the forum. Follow the instructions in the pinned thread What to do if your account is suspended, and be patient. You can also try opening a ticket from the control panel.

    Thread closed.

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