[GUIDE] What to do if your account is suspended

I've been seeing a LOT of posts on the forums about suspended accounts.
To solve the problem, do this:

1) Go to your ProFreeHost account.
2) Click on the suspended account.
3) Open a new tab and go to https://cpanel.ezyro.com
4) Enter your FTP details (username and password) into the 'Username' and 'Password' box.
5) Click 'Log in'
6) In the cPanel, click 'Create New Ticket' and then ask there.


  • ALSO ONLY DO THIS YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE FROM @Admin OR contact@profreehost.com

  • Tried that, ticket got stuck on "NEW" without a reply all my website data was auto-deleted from the server and its no longer listed in my account dashboard and login there no longer works.

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