Account falsely reported for phishing resolved, yet suspension continues

edited November -1 in Bug/Issue Reports

The misunderstanding has been resolved, but ALL 3 of my sites are still suspended. erroneously alleged 1 of my sites was a phishing for their website when the url and theme of the site is completely different. My site is clearly called binanceshop and the login page did not in any way resemble The only content on my site was a "coming soon" banner. It is a shopping site that feature a binance logo within fair use, which is common practice for projects associated with the open source blockchain. I was merely building the project and not promoting it in any way, stunned that anyone even found it. While working on the site, I enabled public user logins and a couple hours later I was suspended after binanced erroneously reported me then DDOSed the site and every other site I had on Cloudflare. So the suspended domain redirect was automatically imposed by profreehost after the DDOS attack from and the security report says my login page falsely redirects to suspended-domains! Of course because of the DDOS attack and resource limit. Anyway, the issue has been resolved and I would like my sites to be restored