[GUIDE] How to get FREE SSL on your website!

Do you want free SSL? If you do not know, SSL secures your website. It loads faster, and visitors will be happy that it is a fast and secure website.
Follow these instructions to get Free SSL!

1) Go to your account that you want SSL on, and go to the Control Panel.
2) Then, in a new tab, go to https://zerossl.com (Or you could use any other Free SSL website, but ZeroSSL works well)
3) Signup if you haven't already
4) Once logged in, go to your dashboard (at https://app.zerossl.com/dashboard )
5) Then click 'New Certificate'
6) Follow the instructions there. (Make sure to select the options that do not have 'PRO' next to them.)
7) On the verification page, click 'DNS (CNAME)'
8) Go to your cPanel, and go to 'CNAME Records' at the bottom of the page. Put your 'Name' (like _901E474DE66528351684D7CB3716C9C1.example.com) ?into the 'SOURCE' box. Then, put your 'Point To' (like 3BFFC0C31CBB24ECACA9EADA93252183.5E20BE7314E6E6704376FF0831ADF147.4067c19d15f744b.comodoca.com) into the 'DESTINATION' box. Ignore the 'TTL'.
9) Click 'add.'
10) Once added, wait 1-2 min and then click 'Next Step'. At the next page, click 'Verify Domain'. If it doesn't work, try waiting a few more min (10-15 at most). If it STILL doesn't work, try to wait a day or so. (Most likely an hour). CNAME records could take long to be detected.
11) Once verified, go to your cPanel again and click 'SSL/TLS'. Click 'Configure SSL' on the domain you want SSL to be on.
12) Enter your private key into the 'Private Key' box and click 'Upload Key'
13) Then, scroll down and put your certificate into the 'Certificate' box. Then click 'Upload Certificate'
14) You are now done! BUT WAIT. There's MORE!
15) If you want to force SSL on your domain, then create an .htaccess file and put this into it:
RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
If you already have an .htaccess file, then add that to it. If the force SSL doesn't work, then wait a few min (or go to https://(yourdomain).(subdomain).com .) If it says 'ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERR' then wait a few min or maybe an hour and try again. If it works, then you have successfully done it!


Please reply if you have any problems or comments. :)