Database connection failed

Dear Concern,

I have change php version 7 on this server using cPanel. But, in cPanel shows "PHP version: 5.6.23". For laravel project server php version is needed grater then "5.6.4". I think that is my problem to run laravel project on this host.




  • Dear Concern,

    Database have been created and imported. Application uploaded on this server. But, When run the application showing message "Database connection failed".

    I have put user name, db name, db password as well as. But, showing error message. Needed any special change to connect database with the application. I have attach a file. please look at this and please help me.



  • hello
    I think the host name is off. cPanel say "". No database are created for my account.

    I would go into phpMyAdmin and see what it said at the top for HOST.

    PHP7 is default. Your script may need PHP5. That can be changed in cPanel.

  • Hello
    Return to php7 and wait a few minutes, check the host in phpMyAdmin, correct if needed. Try running the script and post back the error message. "Please!"

  • Hello,

    CPanel say "" for my hosting and there is a database for my application. But, error message shows Connection failed.

  • Hello,

    I have been change php version 7, few days ago. Then, wait 24 hours for this. But, Still it shows connection failed. Check my cPanel screen short.

  • Hello
    There was some changes to MySQL over the last few days. We can no longer create user/passwd for databases. Must use the one provided. Check and see if correct.

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