Accounts Suspended

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Today I was uploading one of my old php design to an addon domain and i didn't realize how big the folder and then i saw my 2 accounts were suspended. I am extremely sorry for checking the size of the folder before uploading and potentialy abusing ftp upload. I understand what you all do to keep the service totally free.
I have learned from my mistake and I Request you to please reactivate my accounts and in return I promise to not to upload big folder and also i remove the add on domain in which directory i was uploading.
I know it is difficult for you guys to trust me but please forgive for this one time and i promise this will not happen again.
if you would like to please atleast reactivate the .com domain account and give me backup for the second account

Account#1 :
Account#2 :

Hoping for a reply soon

Thanks a lot,
Sparsh Kaushik