Cannot able to install wordpress due to i cannot able to choose domain url location

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hello all, Cannot able to install wordpress, in pro freehost due to, i cannot able to choose domain url location when i try to give directory as same url it is not working i found the following error

The following errors were found :

"The path of the domain you selected could not be found.

please help me


  • Tejhere
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    i dont find dropdownlist also to choose url for wordpress to install at particular url

  • Matte_Sj
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    I opened an account with PFH and created a wordpress installation that worked fine for a week before it got disabled. I got an email from wordpress saying that I had installed certain plugins that were not allowed on a free account. So she reactivated the site and everything was fine until it happened again, In my desperation I created a second account but NONE of them work. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is the result whatever I do: Can somebody explain what Im doing wrong please !!!!! Thank you