I forgot the email address I used to host my domain with Pro Free Host

Good day,

I have hosted my private domain with Pro free host sometime last year, fortunately, I cannot remember the email address I used to log in to the Pro Free Host account / in other words I am lockout.

Who can I contact or how do I go about regaining access to my Pro Free Host account?
If Pro Free host admin can at least give me my email address surely, I will get the password.

Any assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards



  • how can one contact the pro free host administrators?

  • @badbot
    The domain that I hosted at Pro free host ''kalsin.org''

    If you need to contact me private please us the email here below ''kalsinsolutions@gmail.com".

    thank you

  • @badbot
    I had created an account where I was given a user name starts with unaux_.

    however, I misplace or I cannot recall the full username or my email ID i used to host the said domain address PFH free service.

    I therefore hereby requesting your assistance by avail to me my email ID I used to host my domain with.

    Kind regards

  • @badbot
    I have tried that. however, i need a hint as to what email I had use to host my domain.

    please assist me please.

  • Sorry, this type of issue cannot be handled in the forum. Try emailing the Admin on contact@profreehost.com.
    (If you can prove you own/ed the domain I think there might be a chance to recover it, but that depends on whether the account was deleted for inactivity or not.)

  • @crispar
    Thanks I will try that.

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