Files larger than 10MB cannot be uploaded

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And all the files larger than 10MB in my space are gone
There is no error in uploading, but the file will disappear after uploading


  • fkyeahsgk
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    @badbot said:

    • 1 file that is 10 mb
    • 1 compressed file 10 mb


    Not a bug,,, a restriction. ftp is also restricted by php to 2 mb. Now what? "filezilla" all decompressed files and works, with long transfer time.

    The online file manager (filemanager.ia) works a lot better with .tar.gz during upload zip file and decompress.

    You will never get a file that is 10 mb in size uploaded. If your site has 25 mb of data total can it be compressed in one archive for backup? Not sure,,, but premium will!).

    Free Hosting is a lot better if you pay for it. Unless you find a work around.

    Which raises a question what is a single file that is 10 mb in size and the United States Post office have in common?

    But I uploaded three files larger than 10MB the day before, and the next day these files were gone, and I made sure those files could be accessed normally after the upload
    I am not an American and I am not sure about the post office rules in the US, but the post office in our country should not throw away our letters

  • fkyeahsgk
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    @badbot said:
    A file 10 mb in size will be deleted!

    can i upload files more than 10MB if i pay for it?