XenForo emoji.php and Ruleset.php problem

edited July 2023 in Bug/Issue Reports

My website URL is: https://vn-zoom.cf

What I’m seeing is: src/XF/Data/Emoji.php and src/vendor/joypixels/emoji-toolkit/lib/php/src/Ruleset.php Missing

I’m using this software: XenForo Forum Software, and WinSCP for ftp also tried FileZilla

Additional information: When I am uploading the Emoji.php and Ruleset.php file it keeps deleting

File Info:
Algorithm : SHA256
Hash : 6967D6715B56845A36A209EC7D2A328BCD45CE55A7529778DB8E45F8207921EA
Path : src\XF\Data\Emoji.php

Algorithm : SHA256
Hash : BF7712ECCD43131BC49407714E7E05D036E8142D52290B7B06133FC5C1E4FD14
Path : src/vendor/joypixels/emoji-toolkit/lib/php/src/Ruleset.php