Repeated Suspensions DAILY? help please.

edited November -1 in Bug/Issue Reports

OK guys, so I am a developer of games and content on roblox and I recently decided to create a site for my community and fellow players. It is called "Roblox OG Games Archive" (RobloxArchive.Online) and is powered by a custom C# tool I have created.

The tool scans for valid game IDs and when reaching a certain amount posts the results to my site as a new html page then continues to search for content for the next page.. At first I thought this was maybe causing the suspension (due to multiple uploads in a certain timeframe) HOWEVER after being unsuspended by support (10-11 hours later...damn good response time btw) I re-uploaded my site contents and was IMMEDIETLY suspended again...

"automatically suspended by our anti-abuse system, probably because of some prohibited activity on your account."

so I know it is not from the multiple uploads, why else could this be happening?
I'm not going over the daily limit (No where near.. am using like 10MB total space so far)

and I'm deff not being ddos attacked, as no one has my domain yet (except for those reading this ofc)

as for the contents of the site itself, we have an index page, a custom 404, and game pages like "1.html, 2.html, etc).

any help would be appreciated :smile: