site uploading!!!

i have uploaded my website to your free host :
but after uploading, it appears like the image attached 58de1c2c4ea4c.png
what should i do?!


  • You should have an index.html or index.php files necessary to start with

  • Hello
    Were the files uploaded to /htdocs? Index.html will hit before .php. Delete the file /htdocs/index.html and replace it with your index file.

  • Hello,
    I have a similar question. I deleted the file but then the URL showed the file directory not the real homepage. I installed Wordpress but it is in a special directory WP. What shall I do now? Create a new index.html with a link to Wordpress or put all wordpressfiles in the basis directory? Or something else?

  • Hello
    Have you started adding content to WP? Did you use the cPanel software installer? Use that to remove WP and re-install it to /.

  • Thanks a lot, this is the solution. Hm ... I might have thought about it myself, sorry...

  • by clicking the link after installing the wordpress iam getting some related links page instead

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