FTP/File Manager Connectivity Issue [Update: 19 July 2017]

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Update: July 19 2017: Everything is back to normal and all account should be working properly now. Although, we are still monitoring this closely.

Update: July 16 2017: As a result of a DDoS on some cluster nodes, we have nulled the server ip addresses for the next 24/48 hours. Once un-nulled websites hosted there will be back online.

Update: July 15 2017: FTP, File Manager and all disabled websites are restored now. Everything should work fine now.

We realize that many users are experiencing errors related to FTP and File manager, and some other issues. Although, they are not continuous and get fixed after a short while.

These are caused by some DDoS attacks which have increased in these days. While we are trying our best to mitigate the issues as soon as possible, it is useless to create new topics and send emails related to these issues. It'll help no one.

You may see following types of errors:
* Maximum users are already logged in
* Unable to connect to FTP server
* Error while creating new account
* Website connection timeout error

Be assured that we are trying our best to restore the full functionality as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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