AES dot JS, the story continues...

Hello, thanks for your services but....
i have a simple text file inside my htdocs directory. When i browse to this file with my internet browsers (edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome) after cleaning temp files cookies and so on, a page requiering javascript activation is loaded before my text file. And when i refresh the URL, this page isnt loaded anymore and i can access DIRECTLY to my text file. Ok on a regular browser this is fine, no worries...BUT BUT BUT....
If i want to access my text file with a browsing software that doesnt handle javascript...i'm stuck! The text file doesnt load anymore and it's wirtten that i must activate javascript...Why should i activate or handle javascript to load a simple text file? Why???
If you need more infos (i guess i've said it all) to let you fix this BUG/ISSUE just ask me.
Or please, just tell me how i can get ride of this page loading aes.js because it's annoying as hell...i just want to access a simple text file inside a simple directory...i'm not asking too much i guess.
Thanks, have a nice day.


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    What makes you think it is a bug/issue with the server software? (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard. So .js would be a JavaScript implementation.

    Not seeing the error or knowing the browser, or the url to the txt file is a bug/issue. Any answer given is a guess. I go to txt files before and after clearing cookies. (chromium)

    Don't most block access to txt config files from public view? I'm sure there is a way to get the browser that does not use javascript to view the txt file. But it seems to me if that was possible you would be able to view other websites txt config files. Not that many site use txt config files. Oh wait a .config file is a txt file. I think, but I have been wrong so many times.

    I have to know why are you so intent on viewing the txt file via http? I mean what purpose? Editing the file, or storage so you can view at work or home.

  • Thanks for your reply, it was mostly fun and informative to read. Nice style.

    My text file isnt a robots.txt... it's textfile.txt with 5 bytes in it that represent the word 'hello' in ASCII. i created also a configfile.config file and same issue/bug is happening : the need of javascript to see a text file from a browser. And yes you are right, it's a great discovery .config and .txt can both be ascii text files :D
    You want to know why i want to see a .txt file ? First beacause i want, and second because i'm just testing, i wanted to debug this issue/bug on every php pages i created...
    Yes, as you know, a javascript browser is needed to load a file (php, or .txt, or .config, etc) from your webservers...So i didnt want you to tell me that my php page is to make it more simple i created a textfile.txt file with ascii characters in it : the word hello.
    Long story short : i want to load a file (hello.php or textfile.txt or configfile.config or etc ...) without being forced to use a browser that supports javascript. Is that possible? If yes, how? please.

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    I would think that the execution of the script would have to be by passed. Like opening a file with ftp protocol.

    but still the ftp server would have to be public. So the server software uses js by htt protocol. Denying access completely if js is disabled in the browser. But a different server software (public_html) I can disable js in my browser and still access robotstxt.

    So as far as I can tell no not for the free services.

    so not a bug. issue for some.

  • ok, thank you for this answer.
    anyway i hacked with my own app and now it works fine with or without JS... xD
    free services are enough for me now :)
    thx cu.

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