AES dot JS, the story continues...

Hello, thanks for your services but....
i have a simple text file inside my htdocs directory. When i browse to this file with my internet browsers (edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome) after cleaning temp files cookies and so on, a page requiering javascript activation is loaded before my text file. And when i refresh the URL, this page isnt loaded anymore and i can access DIRECTLY to my text file. Ok on a regular browser this is fine, no worries...BUT BUT BUT....
If i want to access my text file with a browsing software that doesnt handle javascript...i'm stuck! The text file doesnt load anymore and it's wirtten that i must activate javascript...Why should i activate or handle javascript to load a simple text file? Why???
If you need more infos (i guess i've said it all) to let you fix this BUG/ISSUE just ask me.
Or please, just tell me how i can get ride of this page loading aes.js because it's annoying as hell...i just want to access a simple text file inside a simple directory...i'm not asking too much i guess.
Thanks, have a nice day.


  • Thanks for your reply, it was mostly fun and informative to read. Nice style.

    My text file isnt a robots.txt... it's textfile.txt with 5 bytes in it that represent the word 'hello' in ASCII. i created also a configfile.config file and same issue/bug is happening : the need of javascript to see a text file from a browser. And yes you are right, it's a great discovery .config and .txt can both be ascii text files :D
    You want to know why i want to see a .txt file ? First beacause i want, and second because i'm just testing, i wanted to debug this issue/bug on every php pages i created...
    Yes, as you know, a javascript browser is needed to load a file (php, or .txt, or .config, etc) from your webservers...So i didnt want you to tell me that my php page is to make it more simple i created a textfile.txt file with ascii characters in it : the word hello.
    Long story short : i want to load a file (hello.php or textfile.txt or configfile.config or etc ...) without being forced to use a browser that supports javascript. Is that possible? If yes, how? please.

  • ok, thank you for this answer.
    anyway i hacked with my own app and now it works fine with or without JS... xD
    free services are enough for me now :)
    thx cu.

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