Website won't work

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Every time I try to go to my website it says:
404 Page Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found. If you typed the url manually, please double check the url.
Meanwhile, you can get yourself a free personal/business website account.

When I have made my account.

So I made a new account with a different link: but that shows a directory list.


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    thank you it worked

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    well now I have multiple pages and can't find their links for the menu where do I find the links for multiple pages?

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    I understand this is my code:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    Gamers inc Website.
    Gamers inc site please be nice!

           <!-- Background picture not on base computer 
                so it may be taken down-->
            <body background="">
            <ul><a href="/website/index.html"><b><u>Home</u></b></a></ul>
            <ul><a href="/website/social.html"><b>Social</b></a></ul>
                #mydiv {
                    position: absolute;
                    z-index: 9;
                    background-color: #f1f1f1;
                    text-align: center;
                    border: 1px solid #d3d3d3;
                #mydivheader {
                    padding: 10px;
                    cursor: move;
                    z-index: 10;
                    background-color: #2196F3;
                    color: #fff;
                <div id="mydiv">
                  <div id="mydivheader">Click here to move</div>
                  <li><a href="/website/index.html"><b><u><font color='red'>Home</font></u></b></a></li>
                  <li><a href="/website/social.html">Social</a></li>
                <li> <a href="" target="_top"><font color='red'>Email me: Send me a question!</font></a></li>
                //Make the DIV element draggagle:
                function dragElement(elmnt) {
                  var pos1 = 0, pos2 = 0, pos3 = 0, pos4 = 0;
                  if (document.getElementById( + "header")) {
                    /* if present, the header is where you move the DIV from:*/
                    document.getElementById( + "header").onmousedown = dragMouseDown;
                  } else {
                    /* otherwise, move the DIV from anywhere inside the DIV:*/
                    elmnt.onmousedown = dragMouseDown;
                  function dragMouseDown(e) {
                    e = e || window.event;
                    // get the mouse cursor position at startup:
                    pos3 = e.clientX;
                    pos4 = e.clientY;
                    document.onmouseup = closeDragElement;
                    // call a function whenever the cursor moves:
                    document.onmousemove = elementDrag;
                  function elementDrag(e) {
                    e = e || window.event;
                    // calculate the new cursor position:
                    pos1 = pos3 - e.clientX;
                    pos2 = pos4 - e.clientY;
                    pos3 = e.clientX;
                    pos4 = e.clientY;
                    // set the element's new position:
           = (elmnt.offsetTop - pos2) + "px";
           = (elmnt.offsetLeft - pos1) + "px";
                  function closeDragElement() {
                    /* stop moving when mouse button is released:*/
                    document.onmouseup = null;
                    document.onmousemove = null;
                <!-- end movable menu-->



    but for my menu I need the links for the social and that. How do I get them?

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    okay thanks

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    This is my current code:


    div id="mydiv">

    Click here to move
                  <li><a href="/htdocs/index.html"><b><u><font color='red'>Home</font></u></b></a></li>
                  <li><a href="/htdocs/social.html">Social</a></li>
                <li> <a href="" target="_top"><font color='red'>Email me: Send me a question!</font></a></li>

    it still doesn't work

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    thank you it works